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Neural Amp Modeler - Fortin Meshuggah 2.0

These 22 profiles were made using the new open source profiling technology called NAM (Neural Amp Modeler) to be able to load the profiles you will need the VST3 plugin available in both the Win or Mac version freely downloadable by clicking on the button below.

This new version of the Meshuggah 2.0 signature amp head was handcrafted in limited numbers by amp wizard Mike Fortin, Monstrous power and tone. This amplifier head is priced at over € 6,000..!

In order to capture the profiles, I had to rent it from a recording studio (as well as the other amplifiers I've profiled)... that's why I'm asking for a small donation.

The Presence knob has been captured! once for high input and once more for bass input.    >> Go to the Page

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