Inspired by the classic analog Reverb

Mr Reverb is a reverb with a warm tone typical of analog reverbs, furthermore Mr Reverb also adds a slight boost to the sound, so it is ideal and extraordinary for drum parts and mastering, even vocal parts are affected by its benefit, however it can be used for any type of audio track! enjoy

T.I. Marina Under Attack is a first-person shooter, set in a real-life city called T.I. (Sicily) in the lower part of the city there is precisely the Marina bay, you will therefore have to free the city from enemy attack and if you succeed you will be awarded the medal for military valor.

A new guitar amp simulator in vst format is being developed, inspired by one of the most sought after amps in the world we are talking about the "Howard Dumble Overdrive Special" these amps were handcrafted by guitar amplification guru Mr Howard " Alexander "Dumble in small quantities in his Los Angeles workshop for internationally acclaimed guitarists, these ultra-rare amps now have a market value of between $ 70,000 and $ 150,000.
Overdrive Special (ODS) over the years was made with both 6L6 tubes (often mounted on fender amps) and EL34 (usually also mounted on Marshall amps) ... this amp has been used over the years by Stevie Ray Vaughan until to Robben Ford !!!
So stay tuned to DamyFx!

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