Marshall Plexi (Van Halen tone)



These 4 profiles were made using the new open source profiling technology called NAM (Neural Amp Modeler) to be able to load the profiles you will need the VST3 plugin available in both the Win or Mac version freely downloadable by clicking on the button below.

With this high quality pack of 4 Marshall Plexi head profiles, in addition to the classic sound of this incredible amplifier that made the history of rock music, you can get the classic Brown Sound of the unforgettable Eddie Van halen, in fact each of the 4 profiles is been optimized to get the sound of 4 of Eddie's most iconic songs!



The folder contains

1) Marshall Plexy (Panama).nam

2) Marshall Plexy (RunnigWithTheDevil).nam

3) Marshall Plexy (YouReally).nam

4) Marshall Plexy (HotForTeacher).nam

In addition, the package also includes 4 IR Cabs (48kHz 500ms)
1) Brown 4x12-SM57
2) Brown 4x12-C414
3) Brown 4x12-R121
4) Brown 4x12-MD421

Sample Audio Marshall Plexi (Van Halen tone)

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